TON Validators

TON uses the Proof of Stake consensus. The system is maintained by validators.
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Join our decentralized network and earn Toncoins.

~200 Toncoins / per day

Average income daily generated by a validator node

As of September 2021

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    A powerful server with a stable and fast Internet connection

    Working configuration: 8 vCPUs, 64gb Memory, 1TB enterprise SSD with redundancy (hardware or software raid), Fixed IP Address, 1gb/s Internet connection

    Warning: Starting a validator node on weak hardware you risk incurring a network penalty.

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    Getting Toncoins to stake

    Currently an average stake is 600K Toncoins. Have no coins? Get those from TON Nominators

Software Installation

Use MyTonCtrl, a convenient open-source tool for validators


sudo bash -m full

su root -c 'bash -m full'

Upon installation you can use the CLI or Web UI to manage your node

TON Nominators In 2022 Q1

TON Nominators is a service that allows lending stakes to owners of validator nodes.

A Toncoins holder can lend coins to a hardware owner to enable the latter to start a validator node. The profit from validation will be shared between the parties.

The service smart-contract guarantees that the borrowed coins will only be used for validation and the revenues will be shared according to the agreed-upon conditions.

More on Nominators

~590k TON from a nominator

~10k TON from a validator node owner to cover potential malperformance penalties

60% of profits go to a nominator

40% of profits go to the owner of a validator node

Become Nominator

Invest your Toncoins and get revenues without buying or maintaining hardware.

All it takes is a couple of clicks in Telegram Bot

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